A real life field experience

Our expertise is based on a 20+ year experience working as "real" sales/marketing managers/directors in B2B environments, for private and successful companies, followed by a 5-year experience in consultancy services. This strong field and target-focus DNA is a key to success : our recommandations are clear and realistic.

B2B only

B2B is so specific that only real life experience helps to master it. Selling to professionnals, long sales cycles, multiple decision makers and influencers, RFP processes, complex procurement processes, technical sales, less numerous but much higher transactions.... all this makes B2B totally unique, and we are B2B specialists.

No conflict of interest

we are totally independant regarding our recommandations because we sell only consulting services : no department, no subsidiary, no sister company selling web sites, digital marketing, events, ads or anything like this. No conflict of interest whatsoever in our recommandations.

A real single point of contact

You will get the services of a seasoned consultant, from the first contact until the project's findings final presentation. We all experienced the agency model : a top gun sales person to start, then a senior project manager, and finally a junior person to run the project.

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