Flat rates 

ConsultantB2B works on a flat rate basis, on well-defined projects and goals, set up from the start. From the start until the end, we remain focused on the progress and success of the whole project without wasting our time on checking time spent.

Cost control

The project is defined precisely and clearly from the start in writing : objectives, deliverables, planing and budget. Working this way ensures that you keep total control of the cost, and that we all focus on the project progress, its final success and a shared satisfaction.

Market prices

Our fees are in line with the market. We want to provide value for money. That being said, we are far cheaper than most agencies, while providing a better service, because we provide a senior expert from A to Z, while we don't have to pay for a costly organization.

A focus on service, with zero overhead

ConsultantB2B is a light company, with a different business model from traditional marketing agencies with high fixed costs. Fees pay for our value add and our service to you, not for costly overhead.

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